Lock for Dry Vans and Reefers

If you drive a dry van or reefer, you are leaving your load unprotected without the Seal Protector Lock.  Here are the specifications:

  • When locked, completely hides seal
  • Fits standard swinging door of dry vans or reefer loads
  • Sits tightly around the handle and firmly against the door
  • Made of 1/8 inch stainless steel
  • Locked with a 5/8 receiver lock
  • When locked, the walls are 1/4 inch thick

Security Measures for Truck Drivers

Since 9-11, our country’s focus on stronger security measures has become more focused than ever before.  In the truck-driving industry, we rely on a very small and vulnerable device to protect entire loads of cargothe seal.  Not only is this seal easily broken, it is also left exposed to environment and vandals.  If you drive a dry van or a reefer, then your load is left completely insecure without the patented Seal Protector Lock.

Insure your Dry Van or Reefer Load

If your seal is broken, the receiver has the right to refuse the load.  And you have no recourse with your insurance.  However, if there is physical damage to the truck itself, then you can file a claim with your insurance carrier, and recoup the losses from the rejected load.

The patented Seal Protector Lock makes it virtually impossible for your seal to be broken by nature or vandals.  It would be easier for them to break the bar off the door than to remove the Seal Protector Lock. This ensures that any damage to your load will be reimbursed to you through your insurance policy.