Here’s a word from the creator of the Seal Protector Lock:

As a third-generation truck driver, I have been around the trucking industry for several decades.  The idea of developing the Seal Protector Lock came to life one crisp, early morning.  I had been able to get loaded early, so I went to the truck wash to get my truck and trailer cleaned.  Like most truck drivers, I was nervous about the seal being broken by accident by the men who were washing the back door of my trailer.  Another time, I brought a loaded trailer home over a holiday weekend and parked my truck and trailer in a safe spot.  Still, I worried the whole weekend about the plastic seal being visible and exposed to the environment and passersby.  I worried, because I knew that if the seal was broken, the receiver could refuse the load, which in turn would cost me money and valuable time.

Trailer Lock and Seal Protector

I began my search for a product that would not only lock the door but would also protect the seal on my load. After extensive research, I found no products available to do the job.  So I decided to make a seal protector myself and put it to the test.  My seal protector proved itself to be invaluable in protecting my load AND my peace of mind.  It has made me more confident about where I can park my truck and trailer, without the worry of the seal being broken.  After using it for several months, I decided that if it worked for me it could work for others.  Every truck driver should have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your load is fully protected with the Seal Protector Lock.

Proven and tested,

Robert L. James